Who I Am and What I Do

In 1990 I was introduced into the healing arts through Usui Rieki.  This wonderful world of energy medicine soon became a large part of my life.    In 1993,  I went on to become a massage therapist and Chiropractic assistant. I have been continually in practice and have worked with literally 1000s of people, all types of aliments and maladies.  What a gift I was given. I have had the privileged of studying ancient healing practices through Shamanic study, and my own journey with various teachers, and different types and forms of energy work.  I have had the privilege of working beside a brilliant doctor for the past 26 years.  My massage practice is comprised of finding the root of the pain and using various techniques to bring healing to the individual before me.  I am a certified Reverend and have presided over various rituals.
I continue to learn and grow with those whom I am blessed to come in contact with.



By appointment only.  North Phoenix location.

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