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Who I Am and What I Do

In 1990 I was introduced into the healing arts through Usui Rieki.  This wonderful world of energy medicine soon became a large part of my life.    In 1993,  I became a massage therapist and Chiropractic assistant. I have been continually in practice and have worked with literally 1000s of people, all types of aliments and maladies.  What a gift I was given. I have had the privileged of studying ancient healing practices through Shamanic study, and my own journey with various teachers, and different types and forms of energy work.  I worked with a Chiropractor for 25 years  before starting my own business full time.  This gave me a solid practice of medical massage techniques.   My massage practice is comprised of various tools and techniques to find the root of the "pain" this allows healing and balance.   I am a certified Reverend and have presided over various rituals,  weddings and other sacred ceremonies. 
I continue to learn and grow with those whom I am blessed to come in contact with.  As one grows we all grow into our highest selves. 

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